Escrow Officers, Title Companies, Brokers and Lenders:

Escrow Officers, Title Companies, Brokers and Lenders

Why use a large signing company when you can work directly with a local Certified Notary Signing Agent? Eliminating the middle-man will reduce the chances of miscommunication, higher fees and additional time needed to arrange a signing. You will also have direct and immediate contact with the Certified Signing Agent to insure efficiency and timeliness.


When your office is over-booked or under staffed, we offer on-site notary signing services. We will come to your office and present your closing documents just as professionally and accurately as you would. This service is ideal for offices who are: stretched to its limits, booked solid for a busy day, or has employees on vacation. Maybe it's too expensive to have closers on permanent staff just to cover the end of month rush. This service can help you reallocate your employee's time, and allow you to cover closings you might have otherwise turned away.

Off site:

This service eases the burden for your borrower. We are available at times when your office might be closed for the day or the weekend. We can accommodate your borrowers at a time and location of their choosing.

QUICKdocs® has helped close hundreds of loans and has dealt with nearly every major lender in the US. We follow all instructions carefully and know that accuracy and expediency are critical to the funding of the loan.

Although state laws limit how QUICKdocs® can explain documents to borrowers, we provide a thorough overview of the documents, and confirm the borrowers understanding before they sign. In most situations, we can provide your borrowers the answers they need to finalize the documents. We are not point and sign notaries!